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Kamis, 07 Juni 2012

DONATUR anak Yatim piatu ingin melanjutkan kuliah S1

For donatur who wish to help the orphaned children to attend school up to college S1 in indonesia, for the sake of advancing the nation's children help you to please give me your account number:

BCA bank Account No: " 6380293089 "
Account Name: Eko Trafsilo

Every Rupiah / IDR / dollar you send the very means for survival and their education. because they have extraordinary talents that they can not vent properly, because of economic constraints and circumstances of their parents have left them from a different background, I terketuk my heart for helping to lighten their load for continued education for advance the nation, you will help me vent directly to the children who are less used to help ease the burden of college tuition up to amen .. if you want to join please contact contact me ... Via Yahoo Mess at 08-16:00 hours every working day. all our money was part of the property of orphans ...