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Rabu, 03 Oktober 2012


Semoga Bermanfaat untuk menjadi renungan... 
Apabila sudah berkeluarga nanti kunci membina rumah tangga adalah komitmen untuk saling menjaga pasangan anda jangan sampai untuk mengecewakannya... Good Luck...

Senin, 01 Oktober 2012


Why People Fail???

This booklet is dedicated to those who arrive here
ready to ask themselves the hard questions (such as, “Why haven’t I succeeded yet?”), ready to recognize themselves in here, ready to reinvent themselves in order to succeed.

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail?
As President of, I have seen hundreds of thousands of small business people
buy our books, use Site Build It!, and/or subscribe to our various e-zines and courses.
E-mail from them later reveals results that range from wild success to failure to even get started!
Naturally, many more succeed than fail or we would not be in business, growing rapidly
online since 1998. But why the two results?
What magic attribute separates the winners?
I have seen ordinary-IQ folks succeed beyond belief. And I’ve seen bright people fail miserably.
So the difference is not intelligence.
I’ve seen a few “lucky stiffs” come up with the right idea at the right place at the right time --
don’t count on duplicating “lightning in a bottle.” I’ve also seen people try harder than is
humanly possible... and fall flat on their faces.
So the difference is not “trying hard,” although, that certainly helps to better the success
equation, when combined with the refusal to give up, and the ability to learn from failure.
The bottom line?
There is no single path to success.
But there are clear failure habits that almost guarantee failure.
When I look at folks who win online, it’s obvious that they do not possess those failure

And that is where this book was born. After all...
Success is merely the absence of failure.
This booklet, with the best intentions and a rather brutal but somewhat tongue-in-cheek (to
take the sting out) approach, points out certain personality types. If you’ve dealt with
human beings for more than a few years, you’ll likely recognize them.

But recognizing them is not important. The question is this...
If you have not yet succeeded at business, will you recognize yourself? Will you conclude
that you possess one or more of these failure-inducing faults?
This little book challenges you to take a good look at yourself. Of course...
A deep self-examination can be a difficult, painful thing to do -- you may not like what you
see. If you are not prepared to do that, then you do, in fact, fit one of the profiles in this book.
Either way, you take the first step towards success... or you stop the chase and become
happier through other pursuits.
Based on all the successful people I have witnessed, I can confidently state that the odds
of success drop quickly if you possess one or more of the failure patterns outlined herein.
So, how to succeed? The best simple answer that I can give is...
Eliminate failure.
Ready? Let’s take a quick look at those who are almost destined to fail. If you have yet to
succeed, ask yourself, “Is this me?” Ask your spouse. Ask your friends. Ask your mentor,
your spiritual advisor.
No, don’t ask. Insist... insist upon an honest answer.
If that response comes back “yes,” well... you know what to do.
Open your mind -- your future depends on it.